How to download music with Ares

Download music with Ares

Download music is one of the most popular activities on the Internet since this utility began to arrive to (almost) every corner of the world.

There are several ways to do it for free (with plently legal platforms like Bandcamp or SoundCloud or even direct downloads from the official website of an artist or band), but P2P software (and Ares 2016 in particular) is the most beloved option for millions and millions of users all around the world.

Its ease of use and its powerful searching tools make Ares the easiest way to download music for free, no matter if we want to download just one song or even the whole album.

Download single mp3s or full albums

First, the most basic and straightforward way to download mp3 with Ares consist in searching by file type. Here you’ll find two different approaches: search for individual songs or for full albums.

If you want to download a single mp3 file, go to the "Search" tab, input whatever you want to find (song, artist…) and tick the field “Audio" (1). After you click on “Search Now”, then you will only see the music files that matched your search.

Search audio with Ares

In case you want to download a full album and not a single or several songs, you must search for rar or zip files (by ticking the option “Other” (2) before you hit the “Search Now” button). Instead, you can also download a torrent file with Ares (which can even contain the whole discography of our favorite performer, not only a single record).

Advanced filters for more accurate results

Even more, you can go further and arrange the results by title, artist, album, genre, quality, length, size, stars… And if you right-click a song, then you’ll be able to select the option “Find more from the same…” (3) and choose “artist” or “genre”.

But there’s another powerful tool left: the “filter” (4) field. By using it, it’s easy to specify certain criteria. E.g., you can insert the name of the album you want to find and the search results will be restricted only to those containing that keyword (so only the songs that are part of an specific album will be displayed).

Whatever you decide to download (full albums or just single mp3s), just keep in mind that copyright laws may always be respected. Improper use of Ares is not allowed (i.e., the distribution of copyrighted material without authorization is illegal in the USA and many other countries all around the world). Therefore, always use Ares to distribute and download only those files non-protected by copyright. Be legal, my friend!