How to remove ads from Ares

Remove ads from Ares

Lately, many users have begun to receive a message asking them to remove ads from Ares after completing a download.

In fact, this popular P2P program includes no advertising at all, so that message is just a scam related to the download of fake files (which pretend to be something they are really not, camouflaging under another name). Therefore, the best you can do is to ignore and delete that downloaded file, as it responds to a massive spam tactic.

False alarm! There's no need to pay for Ares

Ares is Open Source and available for free, and it doesn’t rely on advertising to fund. With this in mind, it should be noted that the programs that claim to remove advertising from Ares are actually hiding something else (usually malware or virus), so you should not install them under any circumstances.

Tips for avoiding fakes

If you have downloaded any of this fake files, just ignore their warnings, delete it and search again for the file you wanted to download, as the previous one that urges you to remove ads from Ares it’s completely useless.

Above you’ll find some tips to avoid fakes and download files safely:

  1. Beware of small files: mp3 files with a size of barely 1 MB are probably not what you are looking for.
  2. Watch for metadata: when you download music with Ares, it’s better to choose those files properly tagged with metadata (it means, those which include the performer, song title, etc.). If you need further help, take a look at this complete guide to download mp3s with Ares.
  3. The higher the score, the better it gets: the scoring system used by Ares allow its users to rate whatever they have downloaded. In fact, if you download a fake file, the best thing you can do to avoid its spread is to rate it poorly and warn the rest of the Ares community setting a negative review to that file.
  4. Search for files shared by more than one user: as a rule, if you want to download movies or songs which are popular enough, you’ll find that multiple users are sharing them. Choose these downloads instead of those offered by only one user, because it’s more likely that the first ones are the right ones.