Tips for speeding up your Ares downloads

Speed up Ares

Speeding up Ares it’s not always easy. There are multiple parameters involved in its optimization, so we can download files in a blink of an eye taking full advantage of the available bandwidth of our Internet connection.

Tip 1: configure the bandwidth

Ares bandwidth

First, go to the Control Panel of Ares and click the "Transfer" tab. There, set all the values to “10”, as shown below, and in "Bandwidth" insert “0” both in upload and download fields. This way, no limits will be applied to the connection of Ares, so every download will be as fast as possible.

Tip 2: change the port used by Ares

Ares incoming port

Meanwhile, it’s highly appropriate to change the port number used by Ares to avoid restrictions with some ISPs (Internet Service Providers), because many of them typically block the ones set by default on peer-to-peer connections. You must check that the chosen port is not blocked by your firewall or router (maybe you'll need to open it before).

E.g, try with the port 23441 (reported by many users as a good one for Ares), but the best thing you can do is insert a random number and see if it works properly. This is the main key to speed up Ares, because if you use a wrong port the file transfers might be very slow.

Finally, in case you are connecting to the Internet using a proxy, you must input its data in the tab Network (proxy server address, username and password).

Tip 3: activate the auto-connect feature

Ares auto-connect

Another way to speed up Ares and avoid waiting times is to activate the auto-connect feature, so every time you open the program it connects to the Internet automatically. This way, in case there are file transfers awaiting to be started, you won’t have to do anything else. This option is available at “Control Panel/General/Auto-connect to network when I start Ares”.

If you follow all of these tips, you will speed up Ares and download files quickly. And remember: in our guides section you'll find out all you need to know about Ares 2016.