How to install Ares

How to install Ares

Installing Ares is very easy and totally free. In the following handy guide we’ll help you to do it step by step in case of doubt or if you just want to customize the location of this program.

Step 1: Download and install Ares

First, you can download Ares for free from this website, by accessing the download section. The last version available is Ares 2016. Once the installer is stored on your PC, just double-click it and the process will begin.

Click “next” until you see the License Agreement and accept the conditions (“I agree”).

Step 2: Ares components

Next you will be prompted to choose which components to install with Ares. If you check “Desktop shortcut” you will be able to open Ares directly from your desktop.

In case you have installed Ares before, tick “Delete previous installation” (unless you wish to maintain all your former settings).

Step 3: Ares install location

The next window allow you to choose the folder where Ares will be installed (if you don’t want to change it, leave the default one and go on; otherwise click on "Browse" and select the one you prefer).

Now press "Install" and the installation will begin. Once all the files have been copied, just click on "Close" and Ares will run for the first time.

Some of these steps may vary depending on the version of Ares you are using, but the process is very similar in all of these cases.

As you can see, installing Ares is no complicated at all. Now you are ready to download all kind of files for free and share content with other users all around the world!