Setup Ares: step-by-step guide

Setup Ares - handy guide

If you want to know how to setup Ares and get this P2P program up and running properly, in this handy guide you’ll find everything related to its options and the best configuration to be applied.

Through the Control Panel, available on the right upper corner of the main window of Ares, you can customize the behavior of the program.

Setup options

Specifically, the setup options of Ares 2016 are grouped in eight different tabs:

  1. General

One of the first settings you can change are those related to the preferred language (so you can use Ares in English or in another 19 idioms), auto-connect to network every time you start the program or show the status on main window’s caption.

Ares general options

Meanwhile, if you click on About Ares, you can check the version of Ares currently running.

  1. Transfer

In Transfer you can set the default port for incoming connections, something essential to let the program work properly.

The best practice is to change the port number if you realize that the speed transfer is lower than desired, because some ISPs usually limit the capacity of those used by default on P2P file sharing.

Ares transfer settings

Here you can also indicate if you want the transfer percentage to show, filter executable or potentially dangerous files or set the number of downloads or uploads allowed at once, as well as limiting the available bandwidth that program can use (something useful if you are running other apps on your PC which demand permanent connection to the Internet).

 It is recommended to set aside at least the 20% of the available bandwidth, so Ares doesn’t monopolize it completely.

Finally, on this tab you can choose the download folder of Ares (by default named My Shared Folder and placed on the desktop).

  1. Chat

The third tab is where you’ll find all the options of the embedded chat: nickname, personal details and other stuff related to instant messaging.

  1. Network

If your connection is firewall-protected or you are using a proxy to connect to the Internet, you should setup Ares modifying some of the parameters shown here.

Once you’re done, just click Check connection and you will know if everything is ready to let the program work trouble-free.

  1. Hashlinks

This tab is used to insert hashlinks, a sort of unique ID for every file available to download, so if you find one on a trusted website or another user shares it with you it’s easy to download exactly what the file claims to be (and with no need to search for it before).

  1. Skin

Changing the way Ares looks like it’s no complicated at all, thanks to the use of skins. Just pick the style you prefer among the ones shown or download more skins and the changes will be applied.

Ares skins

  1. BitTorrent

Other of the great features included in Ares is its capacity to download torrent files natively (and not only from other connected users).

Just chose the folder where the torrent downloads will be stored and presto.

  1. Filesharing

The last tab of the Control Panel of Ares is used to explore your hard disk for files and folders you want to share on Ares. You can chose “auto-scan” (so all your files will be indexed) or “manual configure” (to share only some folders and files).

And that's all! Now Ares is setup for enjoying the best possible experience and boost your download speed.